Lomi Lomi - Hawaiian massage

Kahuna Nui Hale Kealohalani Makua  – “Love all you see, including yourself".

Aloha is at the center of Lomi Lomi Massage, that is the spirit of love and deep care. Lomi Massage has both a strong connection to your body but equally your mind. For those seeking massage for relaxation, joy and peace - this goes beyond just your physical body - it is a space for you to be cared for in a most amazing way.  Through the expression of true aloha, and the power of touch, embrace and freeing of  your spirit.

Lomi Lomi (Rub, Rub) takes its style from the rhythmic and flowing nature of the ocean. The massage is to your whole body, so it is best done naked, but if you are shy - we use a lava lava to cover you.  A combination of hot oil and hot Lava Stones are used across your body - this creates a unique healing for specific areas you want to work on.

Traditionally Lomi Massage is done on a Pacific Futon on ground level - this allows me to move freely across and around your whole body - it creates a unique closeness that a massage table sometimes prevents, and perfect for big guys or those wanting more space to spread out!

Back in Hawaiia the work I did there was with all sorts of guys, Married, Single, Professional, Big Body (We are proud to be large!), young, old and disabled men, it doesn't really matter as Aloha does not judge. Lomi is perfect for those wanting to try Male to Male Massage for the first time "Kahuna Nui Hale Kealohalani Makua!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Got more questions click here for our FAQ section, but always feel free to reach out and connect directly with me if you have any questions 

Marma Massage

About Marma

Marma  is an ancient form of Massage originating from South India as part of  the traditional Martial Arts. Marma is a deeply sensual massage aimed at  empowering your mind,  soul and body.  Marma goal is to use elements of gentle touch across your whole body, deep breathing,  bathing and hot oil to connect core Marma points over your body. You know your body and what empowers you, so click on the Marma Massage Points Picture and work through which Marma Points you want to include in your session. 


Marma Massage Points

Marma has 107 key points mapped across your body aimed at targeting key areas associated with your goals of your session. The 108 Marma point is your mind, a key element of your session. Click on the Marama Map above and work out which Marma point or points you want focused on during your session. See below to help you work out which Marma are best for the goals you have for your session

Marma massage has four key elements conducted during your massage

(1) Touch - Marma originated as a male to male massage for men involved in traditional Indian marshal arts. For many being massaged by a male across your entire body maybe new. However we approach this as a very natural and freeing experience. Men know each others body better, and this is done without judgment about your body size, age,  values - our focus is deep peace, empowerment and a strong sense of fulfillment in being all that you can be.

(2) Breath - this is a key element of Marma, breath connects your mind to the touch and each marma point across you body. We also reckon it helps guys relax, as often we spend our massage sessions over-thinking! We will start each session with breathing lessons - not only for the session, but also for you to take back to your work and home life as well

(3) Water Water in marma is a symbol of cleansing and also represents the idea that water finds its way to every part of your body - Marma massage is the same, to all parts of your body. Before each session we start by washing you - again for some this is a new experience and an amazing start to your session.

(4) Oil in a traditional marma session large amounts of oil is used, often with herbs designed to assist in healing. In our NZ Studio we use sweet almond oil, and we will add herbal elements only when they are needed and with your guidance 

Marma points, Focus & Massage techniques

Stress, Neck, Migraine

The  Focus here is on three Marma areas (1) Simantaka, (2) Ansa (3)  Lohitaksha - this is a triangle massage technique is from side of the  head, upper shoulder and down to a couple of powerful marma points just  each side of the penis and inner groin area. In all three key marma  points the thumb/palm of the masseur is used to gently  massage, often  two areas at once.

Sore Joints, Arthritis, Back Pain

This  massage is focused on alleviating severe pain. Key Marma Points area  (1) Ansa phalak (2) Katika  (both hip and buttock area) (3)  Kukundaraya  (4) Ani & Gulpha - The masseur will use fore-arms, his feet, knee  and torso to lie across dorsi muscle area (A group of muscles in the low  back, hip area), and use gentle body weight and his body heat to move  closed joints and damaged tissue. Some herbal oil can also be used to  create a deep healing within 

A key element in dealing with stress is breathing. Consider booking a specialised breathing focus into your session. Here both the giver and receiver lie close together and a mindful focus of connected breathing is created as both bodies and mind unit. See booking page to add

Sexual Well Being

Sexual  well-being covers three key goals (1) Connecting deeply with your  sexual energy through a slow, sensual massage. This is seen as a key part of  your day to day well being (2) Supporting those with ED (3) Helping you  to increase stronger and or multiple orgasm .

Key Marma points are (1)   a grouping of Marma - Vastih, Vitapam, Lohitaksha (see Marma Map)


(2) Traditional Lingam (ling or Penis) massage is strongly focused on massage  directly on the Penis. There is a number of techniques which can include using micro--massage of the glands - this is focused and extended over a period of time to create immense energy and powerful release. (3) Guda - is the area just under the  testicles, the anal area and inside the sacred spot or prostate - this  is a very powerful part of male sexual well being - the masseur uses  hand/palm broadly across the buttock area, and if you want your prostate  massaged (just ask) the masseur uses fingers to both gently massage the  sacred spot within and just under the testicles, often both at the same  time


Indonesian Pijat

Pijat is a traditional massage of Indonesia, often practiced traditionally at home. In 2019 I had the opportunity to travel to Raha in Muna Island to learn Pijat Massage - and have continued training online with the team there. Volunteer and get a free massage.

Example of Indonesian traditional pijat massage

Here is a example of Pijat Massage. I am creating a small series of training videos, which we use in retreats, online training and also trying to support our colleagues in Java. You will get a free massage, and will be completely anonymous, as we will only film targeted work. 

Go to booking page, or email me if you have any questions.

Sports Massage


For Recovery from injury & Daily Training

I use both Lomi and Marma style in Sports Massage depending on what your goals are. Both styles assist in both quick and long term injury rehabilitation. I also use herbal oils and plant based massage wax for specific treatment of injuries. We will discuss your plan and what is best for your sessions.


Targeted work

I have three modalities used in sports massage (1) Using targeted pressure on core Marma Points to create energy to build a release and enable better mobility of muscles and tissues - particularly if they are damaged (2) Effleurage which is broad sweeping lomi lomi strokes across your whole body, limbs - and from head to toe  (3) Localised heat using hot lava stones or blended oil to generate heat. Because of the herbal oils used in Sports Massage, please note it is NOT a sensual massage session, trust me you don't want peppermint oil any where near your balls!