Frequently asked questions


I am new to Male Male Massage

Well first thing, well done for wanting to learn more!. Not so long ago I had a 82 year gentlemen come for a session. He said it took him 60 years to pluck up the courage to try a male to male massage! If you are new the best thing is (1) ask me heaps of questions, just text, email or use the chat board at the front of the website the (2) book a session

Who Is It For?

Mens Peace Massage is for any one, regardless of your age, body size, religion, orientation or gender. Many men and indeed some women coming to have a massage are happily married or in a relationship, I don't judge. Some want to tell  me they are not gay - cool as I am not big on labels anyway. Again Lomi and Marma are about empowerment, joy and peace - if this is what you seek, book a session.

Am I Naked?

Yes for a Marma Massage you are, and it is also best for Lomi Lomi Massage, but if you are shy no worries we can cover you, just ask. With sports sessions, Naked is fine, but equally loose underway is good.  I also get asked if I am naked, in Marma sessions this is key, as we aim to share that close energy of male to male touch. What if I get an Erection during the session? For Marma we massage and connect a lot to both the Vitapam and Guda areas (Penis and buttocks) so you may get an erection (or not) - and that is fine. If you ejaculate, no worries - this is a very powerful healing moment in the Marma massage

Send me a photo.......

Every so often I get asked to send a photo of myself, what race, how old, tall, small, blah blah! Both Lomi and Marma have absolutely nothing to do with looks of the Receiver or Giver. One of the Best Massages I ever had was from my 88 year old Yogi - our bodies disappeared and I was surrounded by the connection of his body and spirit, thats what we hope to create at Mens Peace Studio

How do I book & Pay

To Book, go to the Booking page or click button below, and select the massage you are after along with the length of time. You will receive a confirmation via text or email. I accept cash, and also have EFPOS and accept credit cards. Payment is made before each session starts. If paying by Efptos or Credit card your receipt / payment to will read "Aloha World".