About mens peace massage

About Mens Peace Massage

Massage is one of the oldest forms of healing and empowerment.  For many cultures massage is a normal day to day practice, and is without judgement of who you are, your age, your body shape or size. 

 At Mens Peace Massage, operated by Mark Ramsay in Manukau City, is where I  specialize in Male to Male massage, with the goal of restoring and empowering the art of male touch from a traditional space of healing and empowerment to your day to day life, sports, sexual well-being and health. 


I practice two forms of massage both dating back thousands of years. The first is Lomi Lomi Massage that takes its style from the rhythmic and flowing nature of the ocean. Lomi Lomi includes the use of hot Hawaiian lava stones and is perfect for those new to massage and those involved in sports looking for rehab and injury recovery. The second style is Marma Massage. Marma originated from South India as part of the traditional martial arts. Marma is a holistic massage of 107 points across your body along with your 108 marma point, your mind! Marma goal is to strengthen and balance your whole body and is perfect for those seeking to empower their sexual well being.

About Mark Ramsay

I was trained in Hawaii and practiced there on the Big Island for just under ten years. In 2016 I was invited to train as a Marma Master along with 7 other teachers from across the globe and I now lead a teaching retreat located in the Bay of Islands  of New Zealand dedicated to professional Sports people.

I was born in NZ but was raised by my grandmother (Tutu)  in Hawaii. I  am 50 years old  white boy Hapa (Hawaiian for mixed culture). To quote one of my clients "Maka is the yoda of massage, a small wise guy with a powerful and gentle spirit". 

For those seeking a deep connection to your well being and inner peace, then my goal is to join with you in this journey - and together disappear into that space, without judgement. Seeking a powerful connections to our aloha -  that sense of deep caring and peace. So if this is your first time seeking a male-to-male massage, don't be shy, take the first step to being all that your can be. 


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Mens Peace Massage - Studio

My Studio is a home based studio, located in South Auckland -  a vibrant wonderful area of Pacific, Asian and long generation New Zealanders. It has been my NZ base now for 23 years, and love the place, the food and the people, it reminds me of home in Hawaii where I was raised.



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Manukau Auckland Region, New Zealand

Phone 021 107 7530 (text only please)

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