Marma Session with a partner

We offer two ways to learn Marma Massage, with your own Partner - husband and wife or gay couple. 


Teaching Session

During the session we cover three key elements of Marma. (1) Marma Points and massage style (2) Use of Water and oil (3) Breathing and connection to the 108 Marma Point "Your mind". Learning with a partner can grow your relationship - but also develop a much stronger connection of intimacy beyond just sex


Undiscovered Power, through Marma Points

For many, in particular men - we have a very limited understanding of our sexual well being. Often we have trained our bodies one way and stuck to it since the age of puberty. Marma aims to discover and open up new and powerful connections to your sexual well being. Learning Marma as a couple, or a professional learning massage can help grow this knowledge and allow you to practice more fully going forward

Learning Resources

Here you will find some great resources for massage

Penis Massage:

This is a great video, that specifically teachers the mens partner a focused Penis Massage. What I like here is as Men often we are seen as the providers. Here you will see their partners create a specific focus of pleasure just for their man

Chinese Massage Therapy to support men with Erectile Dysfunction. This is video applies techniques we use at Mens Peace Massage. The Therapist approached Erectile Dysfunction holistically. Using an electronic massage unit at core Che' (Chinease reflex points, very similar  to Marma Points) First to clear Che' Blockages - and secondly around the penis to dilate the blood vessels. We use the same aproach at Mens Peace Massage, not only to help men regain erections, but also to create bigger and long lasting erections.