Massage for the Aged and Disabled

Mens Peace Massage is a very gentle form of massage, and is good in particular in helping with both circulation and sore joints.  We have found that extending the Marma Massage water/washing time is quite beneficial for senior clients. You can opt to have a session at your own place, in particular if mobility is an issue


Massage for Sexual Well-Being

Marma Massage  has a strong background in helping with both erectile dysfunction and helping both men and women improve stronger sexual energy. We help in particular ways, using Marma massage And the use of an electronic massager for men with ED. Secondly those who may either cum too quickly or those seeking to learn to experience multiple orgasm, Marma techniques can help, just connect or talk to Mark as you need, be open and as honest as you can so together we can work to support your goal.


Life Coaching - No one needs to be alone!

Mens Peace Massage has an equal focus on human touch and the connection to your mind, so as part of being a part of Mens Peace Massage I provide Life Coaching for those who think this may be beneficial.  I often say to men, hey I  have seen you naked - you have nothing to hide any more.

Life Coaching is a Western term, the word I prefer is "kuleana" that is to "take care of.....", to practic kuleana with Aloha is done with love and the most highest respect of you, your feelings, hopes and passions. For many men, having someone to have  kuleana them is a very powerful thing. It always good for you to talk, share your thoughts, deal with stress and challenges and grow as a person. Feel feel to reach out to me. Click the button below