Be all that you can be!

Ancient forms of Massage are a part of an overall holistic approach to your wellness and health. At Mens Peace Massage I offer as part of your massage program three key areas to empower you fully as a person

  • Life Coaching, free as part of your massage
  • Specialist services for holistic well being
  • Herbal & Plant extracts 

Holistic well-being......



Life coaching is simply about opening communication up  about stuff that matters to you - Life Coaching is built in as part of your Massage session, and is included in the charge of massage for up to 4 weeks after your session. Just connect and we can discuss how this works, usually online, text or when needed in-person. Life Coaching is about Goal Setting, here is some top ones we can support you with, but every-one is unique so, just connect and talk....

  • Lowering stress 
  • Weight and nutrition, including body image
  • Sports and pursuit goals
  • Relationships


Sexual Well-Being

For men our sexual well-being is a critical part of our whole being, whether this is about releasing new sexual potential or supporting issues that have limited your sexual fulfillment. I support men in both improving their sexual performance through the use of specialized massage and mindfulness, and I run longer term programs for men with Erectile dysfunction (ED), including premature and delayed ejaculation. Finally I work with men who have faced the reality of Porn Addiction. With the goal of restoring human connection, and emotional pathways in your brain. To be once again a loving and connected male, of any orientation and age, both with yourself and your loved ones


Specialist Services

I run a number of specialized service for men in NZ that include

  • Massage for men facing weight and health issues
  • Care and massage for older gentlemen
  • Specialised massage for disabled men
  • Pain and chronic illness support
  • Retreats for wellness (these are posted on our Facebook page)

Herbal & plant extracts and products for purchase

Kukui Oil


Is a traditional Hawaiian Massage Oil and a healer for skin and body. Known as one of the most finest oils in the world - Was once reserved for Hawaiian Royality in Lomi Lomi Massage.

Kawa Kawa Oil and Balm


A NZ native, a herbal treatment for skin including Eczema, inflammation, Vercose Veins and bruising

Jasmine Oil


A very rare oil - which takes around 8000 flowers to make only 1ml of essential oil. This is a strong extract that is an aphrodisiac to increases sexual desire, sexual pleasure, and sexual performance

Laurel Berry


Laurel is an ancient Roman oil used in massage on muscles and joints to ease spasms, aches and stiffness. It can also be massaged on the abdomen to help both stimulate digestion and settle digestive discomfort, and as an inhalation Laurel leaf acts as a respiratory antiseptic.

Frankincense, Olibanum Essential Oil


For calming and an opening effect on the mind, ideal during meditation or times of stress and anxiety 

Hemp Seed Oil


Hemp oil is  considered to have anti-inflammatory properties, with essential fatty acids useful in assisting skin conditions and tension. This oil is used with heat (hot stones and or bathing) to activate it unique properties

How to Book or Purchase Oils

To book, discuss or purchase oils and products simply email, text or head to our booking page (click button below), and lets connect!